Whisker Wagon is the pioneer in Personalized Pet Care.  We've been in business since 1987 and run an impeccable service.  We are dedicated, committed and professional; and that is apparent throughout every service we provide.  We are the "Gold Standard" in Personalized Pet Care.  Our goal is for you to be at ease and have no worries when your pet(s) are in our care.  Whisker Wagon will come to your home as many times/week when you're working, or if you travel, and customize the visit to each pet(s) need.  We walk, play, feed, refresh water, take in packages, administer meds and water plants if requested.  We are licensed and bonded, and Lisa Marie King, Owner, has over 30 years in Pet Care.  She has worked for New Rochelle Humane Society, a Rye Groomer and Miller and Clark Veterinarians.  Since she was little, she has had pets of her own (reptiles, dogs, cats, birds) and has rescued baby squirrels, raccoons, wild birds and a multitude of other lost/hurt animals.  She has been a vegan/vegetarian for over 23 years and has participated in animal protests.  She is a real activist and her profound love for animals is unparalleled!  Whisker Wagon only hires friends and family to help out when those busy times of  year come around.  So your pet(s) are in the care of reliable, and trustworthy professionals.  We opened up "Camp Whisker Wagon" in 2010, which is a Sleep-In service at Lisa's home.  This service has been a huge success for we do not take more than 4 households' pets at a time, as we believe in safety first.  Each pet is separated from the others (unless requested).  Some services take 20 or more pets in and crate them.  We do not, as our animals are treated like they're in their own homes -- allowed to roam free, sleep on couches/beds, wherever they're comfortable.  They are walked 4-5 times/day and have playtime in our fenced yard!  As an extra treat..We provide all natural biscuits, cheese, balls & toys to play with! We also transport to the groomers and vets, take your animals to and from Camp whisker Wagon if needed and pick up meds/food/animal care items if requested.  Lisa is skilled in doing topical medications and injections/drips if your animal is ill and needs special care.  We treat your pets like they are our pets...with lots of love and care.  While you're on holiday; treat your pets to one. Allow your pet to experience one of our services!  They will thank you for it!